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Hello, and thanks for visiting!  If you’re like most men, you’re here because you’ve been swamped from hundreds or thousands of ads about different penis pill brands, and you’re confused about which brand actually works, or whether they even work at all.  Well you’re right to be skeptical because, as with any product, there are good ones and bad ones.  Like me, you’ve probably been intrigued with the prospect of having a larger penis.  I mean, come on, what guy doesn’t want a larger penis?  If any guy says that he has never thought about having a larger penis, he’s either a liar, or one of those very small percentage of guys that was born with a penis over 9 inches long.

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This site is quite simple, like you I was in search of a way to get a massive cock, one of those cocks that instill fear into your partner, and that she’ll refer to as the beast!  Ok, well maybe not that big, but I was sick of watching porno’s with my girlfriend and seeing how excited she would get while watching the stars, and the size of their tools.  I wanted to be porn star material, but I didn’t know how to achieve this, which is what the basis for this site is.  I set out to find how I could become a 9 or 10 inch stud.  My whole story was not quite totally successful, but I learned from my errors, and want you to benefit from them, and save some money in the process.  When I started all that was available was creams that you rubbed on your penis.  OK… I know what you’re thinking…  “Of course a cream isn’t going to work.”  You’re right!  Then I discovered penis pills, and a very few of these things work as promised.  So scouring the internet, I searched for what other users have claimed to be the best product.  I narrowed it down to five products and then sorted these products by different criteria that were most important to me; size increase, price, customer satisfaction, and most importantly value for money.  Customer satisfaction was determined by finding positive results from users on the net, and value is somewhat of a personal opinion, taking everything about the pill into account.  That’s why I decided to list the top 5 products instead of the 1 that I chose.  You can see how the five pills ranked, sorted to each of these criteria, and as well I also decided to include a little bit about how penis pills work to increase the size of your penis, and the most common ingredients that are in penis enlargement pills, and what their function is.  Keeping up with all the penis pills on the internet is a losing battle, as new pills appear each day, but most of these are just sugar pills, or cheap rip-offs of real pills.  So if you’re wondering about a certain pill that is not on this list, its probably because it didn’t make my cut list.  You may notice that my results differ from some of the big review sites that are out on the net.  There is a simple explanation for this, and its that I have not been paid off by the big manufacturers to rate their pill first.  This is an unbiased review, based on the most important factor… what actual users said about the product.






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